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Our History

Success Driven by Technology, LLC is a unique organization founded and staffed by people who understand the application software industry. We are experts at applying software to the solution of business problems.  Our areas of expertise include:

Accounting Distribution Manufacturing
Financial Services Warehouse Logistics PSA
Field Service CRM Others

We are not generalists in our approach to sales and marketing. Many of you may have tried some of them in the past.  Some techniques work, but many things are quite unique about our businesses and many strategies must be developed and reshaped based on rapidly changing industry and economic conditions.

Our Principal

Sheldon Kralstein

Sheldon Kralstein's entrance into the software industry was in 1974 where he co-founded MDCR Inc.  MDCR was formed to design and create one of the first spreadsheet programs for IBM mainframe computers.  The company developed, sold and marketed the product to Global Fortune 2000 companies worldwide. The product name IMPACT  became a major player and significant leader the spreadsheet and decision support marketplace. Sheldon was Vice President of Sales and Marketing and drove sales for 10 years.

With the rapid adoption of the personal computer, Sheldon left MDCR to engage in the new challenges of the PC Industry.  In 1984, he founded Xecutec Business Systems.  Xecutec represented numerous Mid-Market ERP packages including MAS90/200, Great Plains, Accpac, SBT, Realworld, MC Software, Macola, Telemagic, Goldmine, and others.  Xecutec soon became a top reseller and won numerous awards. As President and CEO, Sheldon created sales and marketing strategies that led the company to national recognition.

In 1997, Mark Chinsky and Sheldon created one of the early mergers and formed XecuTrack Accounting Systems.  This organization was one of the earliest "Super VAR's" with 5 offices, 45+ employees and revenues of $8.66Million. They were not only the #1 Best Software VAR, but also became the fastest growing Navision VAR in 1998 and 1999 with 48, new sales and implementations.

Maximizing Wealth

Although they attribute much of their success to unique marketing, sales and implementations methodologies, it was also a very unique time in the industry due to the Y2k rush.  It was their observation that this industry was likely to see a significant downturn after 2000 because so many companies had been forced to buy new systems before their natural buying cycle.  They felt this would have a ripple effect that could last as long as five years.

In addition, the complexity of the typical software implementation had grown with the rapid rise of the Internet and ecommerce as well as the complexities of client/server technology.

Based on this analysis, they felt that it was the ideal time to maximize the value of their business by selling their primary practice areas to a new wave of well funded national consolidators.

Mr. Kralstein sold his division of XecuTrack, to The Aston Group.  He went on to drive the East Coast region as a regional vice president. In 2001,  Mr. Kralstein became Aston's North American VP of Sales. Mr. Chinsky sold his division of XecuTrack, to ePartners.

With their diverse backgrounds including but not limited to : Marketing, Sales, Operations, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Sales,  they have a unique understanding of all aspects of this industry. 

in October of 2002, Sheldon founded SDbT. We look forward to bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to your business to help guide you through the excitement and challenges that our industry exhibits.






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