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Our Mission

Success Driven By Technology, LLC (SDbT) focuses on helping application software companies and their resellers develop and grow their businesses. In fact we are so confident that we can make a dramatic contribution that we back it up with a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

SDbT was founded by one of the industry's most experienced players, Sheldon Kralstein. Their years of knowledge and experience is demonstrated by their individual and combined successes.

We are not a "one size fits all" promoter of a pre-defined methodology.  We draw on our combined 30 years of industry experience to tailor services and programs specifically to your business requirements. Our competitors offer strategies that they apply to many businesses and industries. They do not really understand the issues and complexities of the application software marketplace. Our principal, Sheldon has done it all. He have been in the trenches winning and loosing software deals, implementing and managing projects, developing software, and leading their companies to success. 

We don't sell "fluffy" sales and marketing theories.  We role up our sleeves and attack your very specific business pains from the perspective of those who have already been in your shoes.

Regardless of your specific services and go to market strategy, our diverse experience can help you improve your revenues, profitability, and quality of life.

Success in today’s economy requires solid business practices coupled with creativity, innovation, and methodologies that drive business success. SDbT can analyze your current practice and help you implement proven strategies and methods that are guaranteed to work. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your business operation to explore how a relationship with SDbT can benefit your organization.

Request our FREE “VAR/Reseller Success Test” to score the success of your business against others in our industry. Determine how your compensation, profits, and quality of life compare to others in our industry.




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